Reasonable Code Organization

A walk through of a portion of a code review I gave recently on code organization.

Git Patch Stack 7.0.0

A deep dive about the 7.0.0 release of Git Patch Stack and how it differs from previous versions.

Getting Started with StoryBranding

This is the introduction as I start a journey trying to more deeply understand the concept of StoryBranding and how best to utilize it within my business.

Pullwalla - More Workflows

A breakdown of the changes released with version v3.7.0 (51) of Pullwalla and what the intentions of these changes are.

Git Patch Stack Goals

An exploration of the goals and intent behind the Git Patch Stack project.

Git Workflows

An exploration of the Feature Branch, Classic Continuous Integration, Stacked Branch, and the Patch Stack workflows.

Inversion of Control

An exploration of Inversion of Control and I think about it and I how I identify control flow code and Inversion of Control opportunities.

Making Code Reusable

An exploration of how we can make code more reusable.