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A Go at Graphics

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

Hi all. I recently tried my hand at a little graphic design work. A while back I came up with the domain name and bought it. I had a couple different ideas for that domain. However, I ran into a very difficult time coming up with the concept for a logo for the site. After a while of contemplating various concepts for logos and failing to come up with anything useful, I started asking people what they thought of when they heard the word luscious. It was astounding to me that the vast majority of people specifically said “You know the Hot Chick Mud Flaps on Trucks?” So, I finally decided that despite the fact that some may take it to be sexist I was going to use that and attempt a little graphics work. I did not intend it to be sexist so please don’t take it that way. The tag line was lovingly donated by another Software Engineer friend of mine (Patrick Murphy). Anyways, below is a wallpaper I created based on this concept for