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MacBook Air SuperDrive Woes

As some of you already know I recently bought a new MacBook Air and with it I bought the MacBook Air SuperDrive. The MacBook Air SuperDrive is the first Apple product I bought and feel stupider for buying it. Obviously, because I am stupid and assumed that apple would create a good external CD/DVD drive that would work with the MacBook Air.

It seems that the MacBook Air SuperDrive only works when directly connected to the MacBook Air. Hence, no using the external SuperDrive with USB hubs. Beyond that the MacBook Air SuperDrive doesn’t work on non MacBook Air laptops. After googling a bit some people think this is because Mac is using it as a loss leader for the Air and don’t want to support it as a general external drive. I think this horrible from a product perspective because the MacBook Air only has 1, thats right 1 USB port.

Hence, when you run into a situation like today where I was installing some printer drivers and software and their installer expects you to be able to plug in the printer as a step in the wizard it gets a little tricky. Luckily, I was able to quit out of the installer disconnect the MacBook Air SuperDrive and connect the printer and get it working with some extra effort.

Anyways, the point of this story is that if you buy a MacBook Air, do not, I repeat DO NOT, buy a MacBook Air SuperDrive. You are much better off just going and buying some other external DVD ROM/Burner that will work on all your machines and via a hub.