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Trac Ticket Creator

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

Hello all. I have been using Trac for many years now and I have always had one issue with. Creation of large numbers of tickets, large numbers being 10 to 20. The interface just doesn’t make it easy. So early this evening I finally decided I was going to do something about it. So, I went to and checkout out and installed the code on one of our Trac servers. Then, I wrote a simple python wxWidgets script that connects via XML RPC to the Trac environment and provides a much quicker and easier interface for creating large numbers of tickets.

The interface simply provides a milestone dropdown and then a textbox and that is it. Once you have selected a milestone you want the tickets to be associated with (generally a batch of tickets is associated with a milestone), you can type your ticket summary into the text box and simply press enter to create the ticket. Once you press enter and it creates the ticket it will clear the text box so that you can type the next ticket summary in and hit enter to create the next ticket.

Soon enough I will clean this script up and officially release it as on an open source app on the main site. If you are interested in this app before that time, feel free to hit me up.