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The Grounding Rod

After getting the 100 AMP Sub-Panel run last week as well as wiring two of the bedrooms and one bathroom I had one major bit left. Driving a ground rod and connecting it non-spliced to the cold water pipe and then to the main panel’s ground bus (or in my case neutral bus because it doesn’t have separate buses). I acquired the ground rod and some THHN 4 AWG to connect the ground rod to the main panel last weekend. So, today I woke up and since I decided that the best place to drive the ground rod was next to the gas meter I had to first dig out around the gas meter to find out where the gas main comes in. This was necessary so I didn’t accidentally drive the ground rod through it. So, once I dug for a while I finally found the gas main and followed it to make sure that where I wanted to put the ground rod wouldn’t effect the gas main. Luckily my original position was fine. So, then I started driving the 10ft copper clad rod into the ground with a sledge hammer such that a little less than a foot of the rod was exposed.

Once the rod was driven into the ground I then had to run the THHN 4 AWG from the rod to the cold water pipe and to the main panel. Getting the rod in the ground safely took me most of the day and was pretty damn exhausting. Running the THHN 4 AWG was a bit of a pain too just because I had to squeeze in by the eaves again. Anyways, I made a little update video clip showing what we did this week and last week with the electrical stuff. Check it out below.