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100 AMP Sub-Panel

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

Well, I came back from my Kauai trip refreshed and ready to get some stuff done on the house. Today I worked with my Dad and Uncle to get the 100 AMP Sub-Panel run from the main panel with 2-3 Romex cable as well as rewire two of the bedrooms and one of the bathrooms. The 2-3 Romex is pretty expensive. I decided to get the 2-3 Romex rather than buying the individual conductors and conduit just because the price difference was relatively small and the 2-3 Romex is less work. Running the 2-3 was a bit of a pain given that the main panel is right were the eaves come down so I had to squeeze myself in real tight to get it run. But, I did it and now it is done. After a little exploration we also discovered that the main panel is only grounded to the cold water pipes in the attic which isn’t up to code. I am very happy with the progress we made and I will have to fix the grounding next weekend.