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Still working on Gas Pipes

So, if you recall I few posts back I wrote about how I had run the new gas pipes for the new laundry room and the tankless water heater. I also pressure tested the system but found it was still dropping 1 to 2 10ths of a PSI in about 15 mins. This Saturday my goal was to go through and find the leaks in the branches one by one and fix them and retest.

I did exactly that, I pressurized the gas lines up to 100 PSI and soap tested and to my wonder none of the new piping I added had any leaks. So, I then started testing all the other branches. I found leaks in the Tanked Water Heater branch, Stove branch, Old Stove Branch, and the Furnace Branch. Hence, I took apart all of these branches and cleaned the joints and reconnected all of the piping and then re-pressurized the system to 100 PSI found no leaks in those branches. That took me about all day to get that much done. Then I did a 15 PSI test for 15 minutes as required to pass inspection and found that it was now dropping just 1 10th of a PSI in 15 mins. I was done for the day though and frustrated after spending the entire day fixing and testing leaks one by one.

Sunday I called my buddy Dave and had him come over at 9:00 am to help me accomplish my goal for Sunday which was to take all the gas piping out and put it all back in cleaning and fixing each of the joints. The reason this was my goal was because Saturday night when I was burnt out I did a 100 PSI soap test again and found a bunch of leaks up in the attic in the mainline. Luckily it ended up that whoever did the gas lines before wasn’t a complete idiot because they put a union right in the middle of the gas lines which allowed me to basically split the house in two halves and only have to redo one half on Sunday.

Dave and I redid the the kitchen half of the house on Sunday and soap tested and pressure tested it and all is good on that half of the house we are losing 0 PSI in all of pressure testing. That half covers the Tanked Water Heater, Stove, New Laundry Hookup, and Tankless Water Heater. Next weekend the plan is to finish the other half of the house which covers the Current Laundry, Fire Place, and Furnace.

Let the adventure continue, :-)