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SublimeText2 Guard Plugin Updates

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

Hey all,

My Sublime Text 2 Guard plugin has been out for a couple weeks now and it has definitely gotten some more usage under its belt. Thanks to everyone for your usage and feedback. As a result of the feedback and user generated issues I have released a new version to tighten it up a bit both from a user experience stand point as well as a stability standpoint. This release includes the following:

  • Now installable via Package Control
  • Fixed Guard won’t start when installled via Package Control (issue #11)
  • Added auto show output feature (issue #12)
  • Replaced #!/bin/sh with #!/bin/bash in internal scripts

For info on how to get the latest version or how to report bugs, feature requsts, etc. Please check out the GitHub page for the sublime_guard project.

SublimeText2 Guard Plugin Updates

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

Hey all,

I was having some difficulties with a couple bugs in the Sublime Text 2 Guard plugin I have been working on. So, I decided I would drop Jon Skinner, developer of Sublime Text 2, an e-mail and see if he knew about the issues I was having and hopefully of solutions/work arounds for them. Jon, was very helpful in terms of better understanding the issues as well as suggesting some work arounds.

Anyways, given the input from Jon I took another look at the bugs/features of the Guard plugin and decided to tackle them tonight. The following items show the progress that I made tonight with respect to the Sublime Text 2 Guard plugin:

  • Enabled native Sublime Text 2 word wrap in the Guard output view.
  • Guard now exits properly when Sublime Text 2 exits/dies.
  • Added default key bindings to show Guard output view (super+shift+c)
  • Submitted a pull request to get the Guard plugin added to the Package Control repository list.

As usual I am looking for feedback issues (feature requests, bug fixes, etc.) You can find the project as sublime_guard on GitHub. As of tonight I am down to two feature requests. So, please create bugs in the issues if you run into any so that I can work on fixing them sooner rather than later.

SublimeText2 Guard Plugin Updates

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

Just dropping a quick note to all that follow my blog. Last night I made a numeber updates to the Guard Plugin for Sublime Text 2. Most of these were in direct response to feedback that I got from users after making the initial release on my blog, I think, two days ago. The modifications I made are enumarted below:

  • The biggest addition is RVM detection and integration. The plugin is now intelligent enough to detect if you have RVM installed and detect if you are using a Project specific .rvmrc and of course respond by calling Guard appropriately depending on the case.
  • Another relatively small fix is a vertical only auto-scroll. Before, if Guard output went to the right past the width of the pane it was auto-scrolling to the right and then bouncing back to the left at the next line. Now, it always scrolls down the left most column of the output basically making it auto-scroll vertically.
  • Third I added some output preprocessing that strips out the Terminal Color Codes so that the output is a bit cleaner.
  • I also added a lot of descriptive output and error handling and output to let the user better know what is failing so they might be able to debug the situation a bit better.

As always if you have any feedback (feature requests, bug reports, etc.) you can simply create an issue for the project at the projects GitHub Issues Page.

If you are new to the Guard Plugin for Sublime Text 2 you can find installation instructions and document on the GitHub Page.

For instructions on upgrading please checkout the GitHub Page.

SublimeText2 Guard Plugin Debut

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

Hi all. I know it has been a while. Please forgive me. My life has been a little crazy. I am still in the process of buliding my house. I also recently became engaged so I am trying to deal with wedding planning. Beyond that I am still trying to get all my development work done for RealPractice, my side company, and all of my open source projects.

Anyways, I needed a break from serious projects and decided it was time for a small fun project that would potentially help me develop the more serious projects more efficiently. A while back I started using a new text editor called Sublime Text 2. Basically it is what TextMate 2 promised (and failed) to be and more.

So, since I have been using this for a while and I have been developing Ruby and Rails apps lately using BDD and TDD I decided it was time to remove the annoyance of having to switch to the terminal after each little development iteration to check Guard’s output to see why my tests are failing. Wow that was a run on sentence. Oh, well it is 2 am and I just finished the plugin so bare with me. Anyways. Therefore, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to build a Sublime Text 2 plugin that integrates Guard into it.

It is available with its documentation on GitHub at Please don’t hesitate to go grab it, use it, extend it, contribute back, report bugs, or throw me new feature requests.

Trac Ticket Creator

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

Hello all. I have been using Trac for many years now and I have always had one issue with. Creation of large numbers of tickets, large numbers being 10 to 20. The interface just doesn’t make it easy. So early this evening I finally decided I was going to do something about it. So, I went to and checkout out and installed the code on one of our Trac servers. Then, I wrote a simple python wxWidgets script that connects via XML RPC to the Trac environment and provides a much quicker and easier interface for creating large numbers of tickets.

The interface simply provides a milestone dropdown and then a textbox and that is it. Once you have selected a milestone you want the tickets to be associated with (generally a batch of tickets is associated with a milestone), you can type your ticket summary into the text box and simply press enter to create the ticket. Once you press enter and it creates the ticket it will clear the text box so that you can type the next ticket summary in and hit enter to create the next ticket.

Soon enough I will clean this script up and officially release it as on an open source app on the main site. If you are interested in this app before that time, feel free to hit me up.