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Digging a Pond

Today, I woke up and realized that yesterday we neglected to take the stump of the biggest of the three plants out of the planter. Therefore, I decided that I was going to remove the stump and all of its roots. After digging it and all of its roots out there was already a huge hole and a large portion of the planter had been dug up. During my Mom’s last visit she had mentioned that I should put a pond in the corner of the planter where this biggest bush previously resided.

So, after looking at the results of removing the bush Aly and I decided that we might as well just finish the job and dig a hole for the pond in the corner. Hence, I dug… and dug… and dug… for hours in the baking sun. Actually, it felt good to be doing some physical labor and the weather was pretty decent. Anyways, I dug it up and started the basics of the framing of the pond and its various tiers.

Check out the results of my effort here in these wonderful photos taken by my love Aly.

P.S. - The finished part of the planter was all thanks to the hard work of my Mom during her last visit. Wench, I love you! Thanks for your help.