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17in MacBook Pro Battery Expands

Well, today I woke up like any other day in my life. I start by pulling my 17in Mac Book Pro out of my laptop bag. However, today I was greeted with a bit of surprise as you can see from the following photo.

17in MacBook Pro Battery Expanded

It seems that my 17in MacBook Pro battery had decided that it was going to expand while it was out of my laptop. Thank God it was out of my laptop. Who knows what kind of damage it would have caused if it was in the laptop when this happened. Luckily this was a spare battery as I have 2 batteries for my 17in MacBook Pro. I swap them out fairly often so that I have a charged extra battery in my laptop bag and the other stays in the laptop. I guess I won’t be doing that for a while .

I am somewhat disappointed. I have had this laptop for a few years at least but it still works like a champ and I would have thought that the battery would have failed from a charge holding perspective before the battery just decided to expand. Anyways, very strange so I figured I would share my surprise from this morning with you all. The sad part is that my other battery, the one currently in my 17in MacBook Pro, has started to expand as well. The aluminum shielding is bowing which means I am going to have to spend $129.00 on a new battery for my laptop. Oh, well, such is life.

Apparently this was a known issue according to friends of mine at work and I just didn’t know about it till it happened to me, :-). My friends also informed me that Apple supposedly fixed this issue with all their new batteries so if I buy a new battery it shouldn’t happen with that new battery.

Lets hope that they are right.