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Finished Laying Bathroom Tile

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

Well, it has been a while since I posted any of my progress on the house. So here is a little update.

This weekend I finished laying all the tile in the bathroom shower, the bullnosed tiles for the baseboard and setting the shelf in the shower.

I also bought a wash tub for the garage. I did this so I can scrub my hands and my tools without having to come inside the house. Tonight I constructed the pipe system to connect from the wash tub to the existing drain system in the garage.

Anyways, my next steps for the bathroom are to clean all the tiles and make sure the grout paths are clear. Once, I have cleaned up the tile and grout paths I will be ready to grout the tiles. I will be using a polyblend sanded grout and a color matched caulk in the inner corners of the shower. I was told that I should use the caulk in the inner corners because the walls expand and shrink as the temperature changes and it usually causes grout in the inner corners to crack. Hence, use caulk because it is more flexible and can absorb the expansion and contraction of the walls.

I feel pretty good about all the progress I have made this weekend and can’t wait for the shelf to finish setting so that I can clean up all the tile and get to grouting. The vision of the bathroom is finally starting to come together and I can’t wait to get it finished.

Till next time.

Sod in Backyard and New Pocket Door

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

I know its a been a while since I made my last update about the progress on my house. I have been super busy with the house and a few other projects I have going on, not to mention my full time Job, :-). However, this weekend I manage to get quite a bit done. Probably, the most significant thing was the fact that I dug up over 4 inches of dirt for the entire backyard and put new soil down with furtilizer and laid some fresh sod down. My backyard actually is starting to look like a backyard. It feels so much better.

Secondly, I ripped out a wall, reframed it, and framed in another White Lami Pocket Door in the front bedroom. Hence, the closet now has a White Lami Pocket Door and so does the bathroom that is connected to the front bedroom. Seeing, the two White Lami doors hanging side by side helps me realize that my vision for this room is finally coming together.

Beyond, those feets I have been spending some time looking at fixtures for the bathroom that is attached to the front bedroom because the next step is really putting the plumbing for the fixtures in. Once, that is done I can drywall and tile the bathroom and the bedroom and put the fixtures in. Anyways, its coming together and I was definitely happy with the progress I made this weekend.

If you are interested in a short video update from me on this weekend please check it out below.

House Update and Merry Christmas

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

Hey all,

I know it has been a while since I posted an updated on the house and I finally felt like I had a moment to breath tonight so I am going for it.

I was lucky that this year my family was doing Christmas at my Sister and her husbands house because it meant that my parents came out a bit early and they wanted to help with my house. So on the one day they came over, my Mom (I think of her as a master of mud) started cutting drywall to patch all the holes in the living room that I had to create to fix the gas lines and replace the electrical. While my Mom was doing that my Dad and I repiped the kitchen and got it hooked up to the new copper water system I put in the attic a little bit ago. My new dishwasher was delivered right around 7:00 pm so we called it a night.

The next day my Dad came over for a couple hours and we redid some of the electrical in the kitchen so that my new dishwasher would have electricity. After, that we installed my new garbage disposal and then install the new dishwasher. Oh, and when we repiped the kitchen we also ran cold water to the fridge which didn’t used to exist before so now I have a fridge that has water and can do cool things like make ice!

Once we stopped working it was time to clean up and get ready to go see some family for Christmas eave which was nice. I learned about a very interesting iPhone/iPad game called Osmos. It is a very interesting game centralized around a gravity simulation. Then today I woke up and went over to my Sisters house and spend time with her and her husband, their kids, my parents, and my sisters husbands parents. It was a nice to spend time with them. I feel like I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had a chance to see anyone except for people at work.

Plus its always nice to get presents, :-). This year was amazing I got clothes that I needed. Beyond that I got some other very practical things that I can use such as worm drive circular saw and a rolling tool chest. Anyways, thats my update I think next thing to tackle on the house is to repipe the laundry in the garage with copper. Once, that is done then I can repipe the existing bathroom, the one I am currently using, over a weekend. Once, those two things are done I will no longer be dependent on any galvanized water pipes and I can get rid of all of them, including the old tanked water heater which is still hooked up to them.

So, I hope you all had as nice of a Christmas as I did. I will try to post soon with another update on the house.

Breaking through Front Shower Slab

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

So as some you already know I have been crazy busy with work as of late preparing for the launch of our new product. Hence, I haven’t had much time to work on the house. However, this weekend I finally had some time and decided it was time to break into the slab of the front shower so that I could replace the piping that connects to the drain and the piping that connects to the vent. The following video shows the results of this little adventure.

Backyard Bench Covers

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

I don’t know about your Mom, but my Mom always amazes me. Those of you who know me or follow my blogs know that about a year ago I bought a house and the backyard had two brick benches on the patio. The one thing they were missing was some nice bench covers. So, my Mom, being the amazing Mom that she is, decided she was going to make me some. So my Mom & Aly went to the store and picked brought back samples of outdoor fabrics and I picked one.

A few weeks later my Mom called me and asked for the measurements of the benches and soon enough she brought me some amazing bench covers. Given that my parents live in Virginia when she came to visit she didn’t want to bring the foam for the covers with her so she had it shipped to me. Two days ago I got the foam and today I finally got around to finishing the cutting and installation of the foam. After, I finished I tried them out and they look amazing.

To check out some photos of them in their final state check them out here.