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Sublime Text 2 Guard Plugin Updates

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

I woke up early this morning and thought it was time for a little sublime_guard love. I went through and tackled all of the syntax highlighting issues. This included the following issues (#27, #30, #31, #38, #43, #29).

I also cleaned up a number of tickets that were lying around and had either been completed already or were tickets that were invalid.

I also started a branch for adding python3 support to the plugin. The branch is named python3_support. I would love it if anyone out there in the ether would grab that branch, test it out, and give me some feedback.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy the updates. As usual if you installed from Package Control just restart Sublime Text 2. If you installed manually then just pull the latest version down with Git.

See you all next time.

Sublime Text 2 Guard Plugin Updates

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

It has been a while since I have provided an update on my Sublime Text 2 Guard Plugin and I just made some changes so I figured I would make a quick post. The project has recently had a number of contributions which I will list in the changes below.

I have been completely stoked with the growing usage of this plugin as well as the abundance of contributions people have been making to the plugin. In this update there are a number of people that need to be called out with special thanks.

@diogomafra provided a Clear output when predefined text found feature. I am sure many users will find this feature a nice addition to smoothing out their workflow. Thank you for your contribution @diogomafra.

@chrislerum provided rbenv support. I know that this feature will be huge for a number of the users as this was a highly requestd feature. Thank you so much for your contribution @chrislerum.

@brandonblack provided the ability to function without bundler. This will allow users who aren’t using bundler to be able to use this plugin. I think this is a great addition as the more people we can get using this plugin the more feedback we can get. Hence, the better it will become. Thanks for your contribution @brandonblack.

@whitequark provided the basis for the Run all Tests & Show Guard Output feature. I know a number of developers who have been waiting for something like this to fit their personal workflow. Thank you very much for your contribution @whitequark.

A big thanks goes out to all the above listed contributors and all of our prior contributors. Thank you all for helping make this a solid very useful plugin for the development community. As usual please make issues for any bugs or feature requsets you have at Sublime Text 2 Guard Plugin.