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Sod in Backyard and New Pocket Door

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

I know its a been a while since I made my last update about the progress on my house. I have been super busy with the house and a few other projects I have going on, not to mention my full time Job, :-). However, this weekend I manage to get quite a bit done. Probably, the most significant thing was the fact that I dug up over 4 inches of dirt for the entire backyard and put new soil down with furtilizer and laid some fresh sod down. My backyard actually is starting to look like a backyard. It feels so much better.

Secondly, I ripped out a wall, reframed it, and framed in another White Lami Pocket Door in the front bedroom. Hence, the closet now has a White Lami Pocket Door and so does the bathroom that is connected to the front bedroom. Seeing, the two White Lami doors hanging side by side helps me realize that my vision for this room is finally coming together.

Beyond, those feets I have been spending some time looking at fixtures for the bathroom that is attached to the front bedroom because the next step is really putting the plumbing for the fixtures in. Once, that is done I can drywall and tile the bathroom and the bedroom and put the fixtures in. Anyways, its coming together and I was definitely happy with the progress I made this weekend.

If you are interested in a short video update from me on this weekend please check it out below.

New Windows (Day 3)

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

Today was the 3rd and final day of installation for this batch of windows which in total included 8 windows, one 4 pane 10 foot sliding glass door, framing a door way in, and doing all the stucco work. When C & M Windows got here the day began with a bunch of prep work for doing detail work and stucco.

Once they performed all the prep work they did the finish work on the inside of the sliding glass doors. This consisted of ripping some small pieces of wood to account for the thickness of the plaster because the Milgard Sliders are sizes the standard width of a 2x4 and therefore require that you put filler in the gap to finish it. Once they cut & installed all the pieces using a micro nailer they starting with the molding. By the way micro nailers are bitchin. I am going to have to acquire one at some point soon, :-). It was interesting to see them measure and cut the molding because they didn’t measure it. They simply placed the first piece and marked it according to the door frame. They then cut that piece and one end of the top piece, placed it, dry fitted it, and then marked it on the right side. They then proceeded to cut that piece and proceeded with the same process with the right piece. This technique produced a much better result than jobs I have seen done in the past where they simply measured.

Anyways once they finished installing the molding they caulked it and then moved on to anchoring the framed in door to the concrete and then began the stucco process. During my lunch break today they were kind enough to give me a quick course in stuccoing. It is very similar in technique and process to that of mudding which I have as of recent become pretty damn comfortable with. Anyways, they ended up doing the single coat of scratch & brown coat combo to bring the stucco out pretty much even around the door. They mixed in roughly 1/3 rd Mortar Mix with the Quickreet scratch & brown coat combo mix to increase the setting time to roughly 20 mins.

After finishing that they went and did the scratch coat on the area where they framed in the door. The scratch coat was the same mixture but they did it as a slightly thinner batch (more water) so that it would mix in with the lath better. Once that started to set a tiny bit they scratched it and went back to the door and cleaned up the stucco as it is much easier to clean up if you let it set a little bit because it won’t pull the stucco out when you edge it off. Anyways, they then went back and loaded and floated the brown coat on the framed in door and feathered it to blend it with the existing stucco. Once it was all even they let that set for a bit and started mixing the color coat which they had a chart that let them know what color coats to mix to produce the closest color stucco. Then they mixed that which was a much thinner batch compared to the scratch and brown. Beyond that, they did NOT mix in the mortar mix this time. They simply used the straight up color coat with some water as usual.

Anyways, they finished the color coats and cleaned up the stucco here and there after they let it set a bit and then did finishing touches on cleaning up the doors and removing the tap and cover from the slider as well as just doing general cleanup. And that was it, my doors were installed I wrote the check for the final payment and like magic I have amazing new windows and a slider and got a lesson in stucco.

Checkout the results here.