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New Windows (Day 2)

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

Today was yet another exciting day. C & M Windows came back for the second day of my new windows installation. The plan for today was for them to get my new 10 foot 4 pane sliding door framed in and installed with the necessary weather proofing minus the stucco and finish work on the inside. The other object that they set out to complete today was framing in the side door to the area which is now going to become an indoor laundry room so that I don’t have go out to the garage to do laundry.

C & M Windows managed to accomplish both of these tasks today within reasonable amount of time and were a pleasure to have around the house as usual. Last night when I was attempting to fall asleep it was amazing to notice the difference in the amount of sound now that all the new dual pane windows have been installed vs. the old single pane windows. Tonight, thus far has been even quieter as the sliding door has been installed. Beyond that the temperature difference between the house and the outside is much better now.

They worked on the slider framing and installation first and then proceeded to frame in the door and prep it with necessary moisture barriers and lath so that tomorrow they could mix the stucco and do the all the stucco in one session and finish work in one session. I can’t wait for tomorrow to come and to see the results of all this work and money.

If you are interested in seeing the results of today click here. I included pictures of both new slider and the side door where you can see the flashing, moisture barrier, and the lath that will receive the scratch, brown, and color coat of stucco tomorrow.