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Gas Pipes & Back Yard Planter Demo

Today, was a busy day as usual in the life of Drew. Aly and I woke up relatively early and decided that it was time to work on the backyard planter. It was in severe need of ripping out plants and weeding. So, Aly and I got our tools together and went to work cutting, chopping, digging, trimming, weeding, pruning, and jumping up and down in the natural waste garbage can, trying to get all of the stuff to fit.

It was quite involved as we removed the three largest bushes from the planter. These bushes had root systems like I have never seen before. Some of them went almost the entire length of the planter. Anyways, we did that till about 1:00 pm and then I started some more demo work behind the fridge for the gas pipes so that I could get a proper measurements before we went to Subway for lunch and then to, you guessed it, Home Depot.

Once we got to Home Depot we went and gathered all of the black iron pipe pieces we needed to get the gas piping done up to the laundry room. Beyond that we got some ground cover bark for the planter that we started working on. Once we got back Aly focused on picking the many river rocks out of the planter that the previous home owners put in there for some reason. While she was working on the planter I started working on notching out studs, drilling holes in studs and other framing so that I could run the pipe through the wall cavity in as few pieces as possible. As always the more connections you have the more possibility there is for leakage. Hence, I always try to get pipes done in the fewest number of joints.

It took us roughly till about 8:00 pm tonight to get the gas piping done up to the laundry room and get the planter decently cleaned out. You can see pictures of the results of our hard work here.