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SublimeText2 Guard Plugin Updates

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

Well, I got some more updates for you all.

My Sublime Text 2 Guard Plugin has recently been recognized as an essential Sublime Text 2 plugin on a nettuts+ blog post. Thanks to this publicity and the exposure via Package Control, Twitter, GitHub, and Google I have gotten some decent feedback, especially around my recent addition of colored output. Thanks to all that feedback I have pushed out the following improvements to the Sublime Text 2 Guard Plugin:

  • Support for directory paths with spaces (#19, Thanks @ffmike)
  • Fixed dash based coloring issue (#16)
  • Fixed single quote based coloring issue (#17)
  • Fixed question mark based coloring issue (#20)
  • Fixed period based coloring issue (#21)
  • Fixed success dot section identification & coloring issue (#22)
  • Fixed a second single quote based coloring issue (#23)
  • Added command relativity (#24)

The above break down of improvements include primarily a bunch of coloring fixes, command relativity, and one very important issue that deserves some recognition, issue #19 by @ffmike. This is the Sublime Text 2 Guard Plugin’s first contribution. Much thanks goes out to @ffmike for being our first contributor.

As usual if any of you have identified bugs or features that you would like added please submit them on the GitHub Issues page for the Sublime Text 2 Guard Plugin.