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Sod in Backyard and New Pocket Door

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

I know its a been a while since I made my last update about the progress on my house. I have been super busy with the house and a few other projects I have going on, not to mention my full time Job, :-). However, this weekend I manage to get quite a bit done. Probably, the most significant thing was the fact that I dug up over 4 inches of dirt for the entire backyard and put new soil down with furtilizer and laid some fresh sod down. My backyard actually is starting to look like a backyard. It feels so much better.

Secondly, I ripped out a wall, reframed it, and framed in another White Lami Pocket Door in the front bedroom. Hence, the closet now has a White Lami Pocket Door and so does the bathroom that is connected to the front bedroom. Seeing, the two White Lami doors hanging side by side helps me realize that my vision for this room is finally coming together.

Beyond, those feets I have been spending some time looking at fixtures for the bathroom that is attached to the front bedroom because the next step is really putting the plumbing for the fixtures in. Once, that is done I can drywall and tile the bathroom and the bedroom and put the fixtures in. Anyways, its coming together and I was definitely happy with the progress I made this weekend.

If you are interested in a short video update from me on this weekend please check it out below.