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Backyard Bench Covers

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

I don’t know about your Mom, but my Mom always amazes me. Those of you who know me or follow my blogs know that about a year ago I bought a house and the backyard had two brick benches on the patio. The one thing they were missing was some nice bench covers. So, my Mom, being the amazing Mom that she is, decided she was going to make me some. So my Mom & Aly went to the store and picked brought back samples of outdoor fabrics and I picked one.

A few weeks later my Mom called me and asked for the measurements of the benches and soon enough she brought me some amazing bench covers. Given that my parents live in Virginia when she came to visit she didn’t want to bring the foam for the covers with her so she had it shipped to me. Two days ago I got the foam and today I finally got around to finishing the cutting and installation of the foam. After, I finished I tried them out and they look amazing.

To check out some photos of them in their final state check them out here.

Copper Repipe Started

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

Hey All, I know it has a been a while since I made a post on my progress with the house. But, that is because I have been crazy busy with me new job and have also been sick for a decent amount of that time. Anyways, my parents were visiting from Virginia this past weekend so my Dad came over to my house and helped me on Saturday and Sunday for bit with the copper repipe I recently started. Prior to my Dad getting here I ran all the copper for the cold water mainline in the attic up to the wall right before the new tankless water heater.

On Saturday and Sunday my Dad and I finished running the cold through that wall, connecting the cold to the tankless water heater, running the hot into the attic, and wiring the electrical for the tankless and connecting it. This leaves me with needing to finish running the hot mainline with the rest of the valves in the attic and then doing room drops as necessary for the new laundry room, kitchen, and bathroom. If you are interested in seeing you can checkout the clip below.

Ruby Class vs. Instance Diagram

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

One of the many things that I have changed on my new team is the language. They were originally all PHP developers and my boss and I who have been using Ruby and Rails for years now decided to develop the new products in Ruby and Rails where fitting. Anyways, as a part of the process I have been educating (and being educated) by my engineers on Ruby and Rails as they go through the learning process. One of the topics that seems to have some confusion around it is Class vs. Instance variables with respect to classes and objects. Because this confusion I spent some time with one of the engineers to put together a quick diagram to try and help clarify what is actually happening with respect to Class vs. Instance variables and methods. You can find the diagram here.

Git, finding abandoned commits...

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

So, as many of you may know I recently took a position heading up a new software engineering team that is responsible for producing the new products. One of my first actions when I came on board was switching my team over from SVN to Git. One of the engineers on the team abandoned a branch in one of our Git repositories because he didn’t think he would need it anymore. Soon, after he realized that he wanted something from that branch but now he couldn’t see the brach anymore in ‘gitk –all’ or any of the other tools because he abandoned it. But, it has to still be there right, it is Git.

I knew there was a way to do this in Git and I have done it in the past but I couldn’t remember how. After I explained a bit more to him about the internals of Git and he went off and did some exploration he came back to me with his found solution which follows:

git fsck --unreachable| cut -f3 -d' '|xargs git rev-list --header|less

I know there is some other way to find abandoned nodes in Git but I still can’t remember. Anyways, just figured I would share this method in the hopes that it would help someone out there. It may not be exactly what you want with respect to the 'cut’ or 'xargs’ but I will let you all play with it a bit to get exactly what you want.