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Backyard Bench Covers

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

I don’t know about your Mom, but my Mom always amazes me. Those of you who know me or follow my blogs know that about a year ago I bought a house and the backyard had two brick benches on the patio. The one thing they were missing was some nice bench covers. So, my Mom, being the amazing Mom that she is, decided she was going to make me some. So my Mom & Aly went to the store and picked brought back samples of outdoor fabrics and I picked one.

A few weeks later my Mom called me and asked for the measurements of the benches and soon enough she brought me some amazing bench covers. Given that my parents live in Virginia when she came to visit she didn’t want to bring the foam for the covers with her so she had it shipped to me. Two days ago I got the foam and today I finally got around to finishing the cutting and installation of the foam. After, I finished I tried them out and they look amazing.

To check out some photos of them in their final state check them out here.