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Project Management Tool Review

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

When I took over the software engineering team at my job. I had the opportunity to start fresh with a new ticketing, bug tracking, and project management toolset. Over, the years I have used a number of different tools most recently Trac and Lighthouse. However, I can go on and on with the tools that I have tried. When, I came on board they were currently using Jira which I know is big in certain communities, however, everyone seemed to hate it and I have a bunch of issues with it that I don’t want to get into. Anyways, so I spent some time and reviewed the following project management and ticketing systems again to just get a refresher and see where they were at and if any of them would work for me and my team.

So after heavy review of each of the above listed project management tools I decided on Redmine because it is hugely flexible, has a decent community behind it. It does have what I would consider some usability issues and some major design issues in the UI. However, once you learn those it is pretty much capable of everything I need it to do. When, you look at other solutions they all seem to be lacking very important features.