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Kauai 2010

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

I just got back from an amazing vacation in Kauai. Aly and I went and just had an amazing time. We went hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and more. This trip we made it one of our goals to try and find the best “Shave Ice” on the island. We definitely found some great “Shave Ice” at Jo Jo’s and a few other places but I am sure there is more to explore. The beauty of Kauai never ceases to amaze me. It is one place on the planet that I have found to be truly relaxing for me. Anyways, we took a bunch of pictures on the trip and I have posted them in the photos section of my site. The photos are split into separate albums titled by the event and preceded by “Kauai 2010”. For a quick way to get to the photos section just click here and log into Facebook if you aren’t already.