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Bethany's Humboldt Graduation

Well, I got back early Monday morning from a little trip to Humboldt County, CA to see my friend Bethany graduate from Humboldt State University. If you didn’t know already, Humboldt State University is where I graduated from years ago. Anyways, it was very nice to take some time off from my busy life and just relax and enjoy the Humboldt environment. It is most definitely a place I will always love because of the calm and the nature that surrounds you.

While there I also had the pleasure of spending time with Bethany’s brother and parents. I have been friends with them since I can remember and it seems like as of late with the house and everything else I haven’t had much time to see them. Hence, it was very nice to visit with them. We drove up to Patrick’s Point on Sunday and walked around. If you aren’t familiar with Patrick’s Point it is a State Park and is a beautiful place to visit. Pictures of our visit to Patrick’s Point can be found here.

Sadly, toward the end of this trip I caught a very nasty cold and have been sick since. Sometimes things just have to go that way. Oh well, soon enough I will be to my normal self and kicking ass and taking names, :-).