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Fat Fingered my MacBook Air

So I setup my MacBook Air right after I got it and was just using the basic functionality. I then realized that I needed root to do something. Yep, you guessed it, I some how managed to to fat finger my root password when I setup the initial Admin user in the setup process. This is normally not a big deal as you can always put the DVD back in and rerun the setup wizard to create a new user. However when you are a MacBook Air and have no DVD drive it gets to be a tad bit more complex.

The key is single user mode. After some googling I found that you can easily get into single user mode on Mac OS X simply by rebooting and right after the Chime noise holding Command-S and it will start you up into single user mode. For details on single user mode please go here.

When you see the prompt for single user mode it will tell you two commands to run to make it so that you can modify the file system. One is a fsck command and the other is a mount command. I simply ran the two commands as the info above the prompt instructed me to. Once it was done running those commands, I ran the following command and rebooted so that it would start the initial setup process over again. I did this because I knew that if I created a new Admin user and knew its password I could then sudo in and change the password of my existing Admin user that I previously fat fingered the password for.

rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone

I know that there are command line tools that allow you to change passwords, etc. in Mac OS X, but for some reason I wasn’t feeling like looking up the directions on how to use them. Hence, I just did it this way. Figured I would share my find on Single User Mode, :-). I am sure someone has already found it, but it is new to me.