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White Lammi Pocket Door

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

As some of you may already know. I recently bought a 2 ft. White Lammi Pocket Door for the front-left bedroom in my house. The reason I chose to replace the hinged door with a pocket door is because the bathroom is a relatively small bathroom and I want to make it as spacious as possible. I decided on White Lammi Glass for a number of reasons.

  1. You can’t see through it so it provides some privacy in the bathroom.
  2. It still allows light to go through it, and supposedly even intensifies the light that goes through it.
  3. It has a more modern look and feel.

My buddy Dave and I started framing it into the wall last weekend but ran into a bit of snag. We had managed to make the jam and the track square such that the door closed properly. However, with the pocket frame as it came, the pocket portion wouldn’t sit parallel to the jam and square to the track. After, calling some people that I know in the industry and talking to them for a while they told me that generally the pocket door frames aren’t squared 100% when you get them. They said that this was due to a two main factors.

  1. The pocket door frames aren’t manufactured with enough precision.
  2. The pocket door frames are tossed around when they are shipped and transported.

Anyways, after talking to these experts they basically told me that you have to work the frame back into square. So, today my buddy Dave and I went back at the frame and worked it and got it to finally be square with the help of a couple shims, some body weight, and a light crow bar. We also had to shim the track up on the back of the pocket side of the frame because the track part wouldn’t sit on the pocket when it was square with the door portion of the frame.

Anyways, installing this pocket door was a bit of a pain but now I know for next time that I just need to force the frame into being square and tack it into place. Plus, I think the finished result now that it is square is well worth the effort.