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Hanalei 'Okolehao Trails

by Andrew De Ponte (@cyphactor)

Today, I hiked the Hanalei ‘Okolehao Trail. It is a pretty aggressive trail relative to the grade. It gains 1,250 feet in approximately 2 miles. It is pretty relentless and the second half of the trail is becoming more and more over grown each day it seems. It is definitely a good hike to go on to get a good work out, :-). The trail starts out as a dirt road. After going about .75 miles you run into some power lines. This point provides a decent view of Hanalei Bay and the area around it.

After continuing on the relentless trail, it gradually gets more over grown. Once I made it to the top I noticed a number of off shoot trails. All of these trails went to tiny look out points which presented a view of probably about 1/5 of the island. A few of the views presented the Hanalei River in it’s vast entirety leading from it’s mouth in Hanalei Bay all the way up the canyon. Overall, the view is quite amazing. Beyond that though, the hike was worth it just for the amazing work out.

Once, the 4 miles of the hike were completed and I made it back to the condo I went for an afternoon dip in the pool and jacuzzi, and then ate lunch. After eating lunch and swimming some more I took a shower and got ready to go out to dinner at the Hanalei Dolphin. The Hanalei Dolphin is pretty pricey but most food is in Kauai. However, the Dolphin is generally about 30 bucks for a mediocre meal. Beyond that, the service was some of the worst service I have had. Maybe, it was the server, or maybe even just the night. But, either way I don’t think it is worth it for what you get. The one good thing I obtained out of tonights dinner was a free beer, :-). Got to love that!

Anyways, all in all it was another amazing day in paradise, :-).